The site provides information related to the research of the Lyczkowskis genealogy conducted both in the National Historical Archives of Belarus (Miensk) and the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (Vilnia). In addition to archival sources have been widely used Polish and Russian early printed popular science editions.

Visitors who are doing their own family research, or trying to compile their family trees, or just love genealogy might find useful the index of family names mentioned in the documents from the author's personal archives, as well as selected historical maps of the Russian Empire (19th century) and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (18th century) illustrating their administrative division.

To give young researchers willing to explore their Belarusian and Polish family roots some idea of what to read on this subject first, the site provides access to reference literature on szlachta (nobility) genealogy, including heraldry books, biographical reference books, etc. (Some of them are in Polish or Belarusian only.)

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For researchers of family genealogy

Administrative maps

District maps, map of the Grand Duchy of Litva *)

Armorials of Belarusian nobility

All volumes of "The Armorial of Belarusian Nobility", local noble armorials of some Litvan territorial units

Belarusian nobility heraldry

Gallery of Arms (with bearers lists), reconstructed on the basis of various editions


Ennoblement & naturalization registers, censuses of nobility, voivodeship officials, historical notes, etc.

Personal archives

Index of names mentioned in the documents from the author's archives


Research papers on the genealogy, history and heraldry of the Greatlitvan nobility

*) Hereafter authentic name of medieval Belarusian State (the historical Lithuania).