Pomian Coat of Arms

Pomian COA
  • Pomian COA

    Alternative names: POMIANOWICZ, PROPORCZYK
    Battle cry: POMIAN! NOWINY!
    Earliest mention: 1306

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Or, a bison's Noir head caboshed sable holed by sword between the horns bendwise under a left eye. For a crest out of a ducal coronet is an arm embowed in armor holding a sword.

Niesiecki K., Herbarz Polski, VII, pgs. 371-374


Pomian Coat of Arms originated from Moravia and developed from the Wieniawa one.

The first legend says: While hunting, a prince of Moravia was in danger of being gored by the zubr (European bison) bull. One of his companions, the knight Lastek, seized the bison by the horns and dragged it backward, away from the prince, then using a switch from a young oak tree as a nose ring, led it back before the prince while exclaiming in Moravian “Wien haw” [“Come along”]. When subsequently the bison was left being held by a courtier, he tore himself loose, whereupon Lastek killed him with his sword. Lastek was rewarded by the prince with property and granted these arms, called “Wien haw”, which became Wieniawa.

The second legend says: Lastek Hebda from Grabie, who bore the Wieniawa Arms, murdered his brother Jarand, deacon of Gniezno, in the village of Lubania, because he couldn't stand his obscene mode of church life. Under the necessity of court order the descendant of Lastek modified his coat of arms into this, called Pomian (derived from “Pomni nań”, i.e. "Remember him").

Some genealogians date this brother-murder by the time of Władysław II Jagiełło, others one - by the time of Władysław II the Exile.

Kasper Niesiecki "Herbarz Polski" S.J., Lipsk 1839-46.


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Żdanowicz, Żegżdra, Żerosławski, Żmujdecki, Żubrzycki

According to T. Gajl "Herbarz Polski od średniowiecza do XX wieku"