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H. Sienkiewicz. "The Deluge", 1885. Kmicic's company

For those interested I offer the list of Greatlitvan (Belarusian) nobility names (in Polish) based on the data bank of Belarusian Nobility Association. The history of the Lyczkowski (way of writing versions: Łyčkoŭski - Лычкоўскі - Lychkouski - Łyczkowski - Lyčkovskis - Ličkovskis - Личковський - Lytschkowski - Лычковский - Lychkovskiy ) family has much in common with those of other Belarusian szlachta (gentry) families. So if you find your own family name in the list, maybe you will also reveal in yourself a strong desire and need to know history of your ancestors. If it happens, I will be convinced that my work was useful indeed.

This project is fully amateur, niether academic nor systematic whatsoever, and I ask all visitors to take it into account while evaluating the content of the site. But I will be very pleased to hear visitors' crititism, opinions, propositions, and of course new unique information.

Jozef Chelmonski. "The prayer before a battle (Racławice)", 1906

For generous assistance in creation of this project I'd like to thank Mariusz Majek (Poland) - for his help in preparing Polish version of the project, and Uładysłaŭ Viaroŭkin-Šaluta (Belarus) - for providing valuable information concerning genealogy of the Lyczkowskis. I also wish to express my sincere appreciation to all staff of the National Historical Archives of Belarus - without their help I would have taken much longer time and incomparably more efforts to run the project to its present point. My deep thanks to all who found some time and brought his share to this work. This site is by all means the result of your cooperation. Thank You!

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The author's note:

The Grand Duchy of Lithuanian, or Litva for short, was essentially an old Belarusian state, and the names Litvins / Lithuanians for centuries referred to the inhabitans of etnic Belarusian lands. Read more...

For the purpose of making a clear distinction between the predominantly Slavonic state called the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Lithuania of today, I have introduced the following words to denote the modern Lithuanian Republic:
country: Lietuva
people who live there: Lietuvians
language: Lietuvian.

With regards,

Jury Lyczkowski