Slepowron Coat of Arms

Slepowron COA
  • Slepowron COA

    Battle cry: BOJNA! BUJNA!
    Earliest mention: 1224

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Azure, a horseshoe Argent, heels to base, surmounted of a cross pattee of the last. Atop the cross a raven, wings expanded and inverted all proper, holding in its beak a ring Or. For a crest out of a ducal coronet a raven holding a ring in its beak, as in the shield.

Niesiecki K., Herbarz Polski, VIII, pgs. 397-399


When one of the family of Korvin had the good fortune to marry a daughter, an only child, of the Pobog clan, he redesigned the arms by adding to the Horseshoe his ancestral Raven with a Ring. This Korvin came to Poland from Hungary, seeking knightly glory. In Hungary the family of Korvin had proliferated, descending from one of the Roman Corvini.

I do not in the least deny that at one time there was in Rome a distinguished man named Valerius Corvinus Tribunus Militum *), who got the name "Corvinus" in the following manner. The Roman commander Camillus had moved with his army against the French, and before the battle began, a French warrior of great size and strength came forward and challenged anyone in the Roman cavalry to single combat, whereupon Valerius stepped forward. Just as he was about to engage the Frenchman, a raven flew down from nowhere, perched upon Valerius's helmet, and began to attack his foe with its wings and beak and talons so fiercely that the French warrior could not see him well. With this reinforcement the Roman beat him easily, and from that time Valerius was called Corvinus (from corvus, "raven"). Valerius was chosen six times to the Roman consulate. He lived a hundred years, always hale and hearty even in old age. (Livius lib. 7 dec. 1)

*) Marcus Valerius Corvus, 371—271 BC.

Niesiecki K., "Herbarz Polski" S.J., Lipsk 1839-46.


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Śkwierczyński, Śladowski, Ślepowroński, Ślubowski, Śniciński, Śnieciński, Świderski, Święcki

Taliszewski, Taraskowski, Taraszkowski, Tatarowski, Tecianiec, Teodorowicz, Terajewicz, Terajowicz, Terejewicz, Tietianiec, Topczewski, Treblicki, Trębicki, Troynicki, Truskolaski, Truskolawski, Truskoleśny, Truskowski, Truszkowski, Trzciński, Trzyciński, Trzyszczyński, Twerjanowicz, Tyborowski, Tychowski, Tyrkszlewicz, Tyszarski

Ugoski, Ujazdowski, Ukrym, Ukryn, Uziemski

Wałkanowski, Warszycki, Wasianowicz, Wawrzecki, Wąsowicz, Wąsowicz-Dunin, Wąż, Wdziekuński, Wendrychowski, Werchracki, Werchratski, Wereszczatyński, Werycha, Weryha, Wębrychowski, Wędrychowski, Widmont, Wiercieński, Wierciński, Wierzbicki, Wierzchowski, Wilkołęski, Wilkowski, Wiszczycki, Wiszniowski, Wiścicki, Wocianc, Wocianiec, Wolański, Wolęcki, Wolski, Woydyłło, Woydyło, Woyno, Woysiatycz, Wrocki, Wronicki, Wroniecki, Wróblewski, Wróżbita, Wścieklica, Wyczałkowski, Wyczołkowski, Wyganowski, Wygnański, Wykrzykowski, Wyrzykowski, Wyskowski, Wyszkowski, Wyżykowski

Zabawski, Zabierzowski, Zaborowski, Zafataj, Zaleceli, Zaleciłło, Zaleski, Zankowicz, Zapaśnik, Zarzycki, Zatorski, Zatowicz, Zaturski, Zawadzki, Zawałkiewicz, Zawidzki, Zawidzski, Zawisłowski, Zawodzki, Zbikowski, Zbyszyński, Zegzdro, Zelachowski, Zembocki, Zembowski, Zera, Zębocki, Zieleński, Zieleźnicki, Zieliński, Ziemborski, Zimnoch, Złotogórski, Zuk, Zyłłok-Kamieński, Zyra

Żak, Żarow, Żelachowski, Żelechyński, Żeleźnicki, Żelkowski, Żera, Żero, Żerów, Żmiejewski, Żmiejowski, Żmijewski, Żmijowski, Żubrawski, Żuchawiecki, Żuchowiecki, Żuk, Żukowski, Żyłłok, Żyra

According to T. Gajl "Herbarz Polski od średniowiecza do XX wieku"